Update #09 – Finishing up the project

Hello Everyone!

Today is officially the last full day we can spend on this project, we are wrapping it all up.
This week we focused on working towards the Science Fair that is coming up next Tuesday, and on dotting the i’s.
Doc - 28 okt. 2016 - 14-24 - p2
The virtual heart model is beginning to look like our final prototype.
The different parts of the heart have different colors, and the puzzle mode is almost fully functional. We also added a feature where you can learn the names of the different parts of the heart. Another great thing that is about to be finished is the human model. Soon, you will be able to look at the human model, and pick the heart from its place to start exploring!

Doc - 28 okt. 2016 - 14-24

We also managed to export the video footage from the HTC vive to the Gear VR glasses. So now, the patients will be able to take home their experience and show it to their family and friends. This is an important aspect of our scenario.

At the science fair, we will present our final prototype and everyone will be able to experience it. So stop by and come take a look! The science fair will be held on the first of November at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (Landbergstraat 15) in Delft.
See you there!

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