Reflecting on the project

Hey everyone!

Now that our project is over, we would like to reflect on the whole process.
In the very beginning, we had a rusty start. We were not on the same level of what we should do this project in order to get the result we wanted. But no harm done, we got together, spoke a lot about it, and got started, all with the same goal in mind. We used scrum as a tool to help us all, it made clear what had to be done and what was already finished. In that way, we were able to keep track of our progress.

I think I can speak for the guys who worked a lot with the computer software when I say that the software and programs used consumed lots and lots of time just to get familiar with them. It was part of the project, but it is a shame that we only got to work with it for such a short period. So we only understand parts of the programs and software, and not (almost) in its entire. I think if we had more time, we would have had a better understanding, so the whole process would be a lot smoother. This is also important for further research. If other people want to continue what we started, they have to use the same software and programs and we cannot clearly explain what we have done, because it was a lot of trial and error that got us somewhere. But all in all, we did learn to work with those programs, which was fun and informative!

If you ask what more we would have wanted for this project, we think we can say that we really did everything we could in the time given. But there are a couple of small things we wanted to work, but we just could not get it to work. For example, we bought the heartsensor. We wanted to synchronize it with our heartbeat animation. How cool would it have been if that could work?! For future projects, we think it would be nice if more parts of the scenario can be worked out, so that in the end, there is a fully functional, interactive gameplay (maybe even with some nice aminations in it). Of course, there are also other possibilities, such as working with other scenario’s.

We think the most important thing we learned as a team is that it is really important to be on the same level, speak your mind and communicate a lot with eachother. You are not alone in a team, so everyone should be involved. At the same time, that is the strength of a team.

We hope you had a lot of fun reading our blog posts, now it is time to say goodbye for us.
We salute you!

Joy, Kasper, Tom and Tom, Zishun and Nina


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